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Bioresonance on autism

One of the most modern cause-oriented approaches, among experts, known as bio resonance therapy, in this case, using the example of bio resonance according to Paul Schmidt.

Their users make use of which Albert Einstein and Max-Planck have put into a nutshell: there is no matter, everything is energy. What is used is therefore what emanates from atoms and their even smaller particles - vibrations, also called frequencies.

A simple example for understanding

We know that water is nothing else but the combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom into one molecule. Each one of these atoms has its so-called vibrational field, which is determined by the interaction of the components of the atom. Everyone knows the image of an atom with its nucleus, its other components and the electrons. This conglomerate has its own characteristic vibration. And the combination of different atoms into molecules naturally leads to a different oscillation pattern. What applies to water ultimately means nothing else than any other form of matter, including ourselves.

The basic principle of bio resonance

On the basis of biophysics, therapists use frequencies to find out where there are regulatory disorders in the organism at the fine energetic level that are involved in processes that can ultimately lead to diseases.

To do this, they use high-tech equipment, with the help of which they test out disturbed frequencies in order to harmonize them afterwards. The aim is to support the organism' self-regulatory powers to regulate the pathogenetic processes.

In the future, we will report on this page on interesting starting points and experiences with bio resonance in autism-spectrum-disorders.